Friday, July 10, 2015

Fourth of July Trip

So Evan's family had this tradition that they would make their way down to Washington D.C. for the fourth of July fireworks show that they do (which is supposed to be the biggest display in the country, nbd). Since we are only hours north of DC in Maine, we decided to make the trip down in three hour long increments so that we could make lots of stops along the way and see historical sites. I've had a few trips back east in my life, but unfortunately I didn't remember a lot from them.

So here's some pictures from the trip!

Alex and I in front of the Old North Church

Evan and Alex in front of the memorial for the War on Terror in the courtyard for the Old North Church. These represent all the the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The site of the Boston massacre. It's kind of weird to be smiling in this picture because of where we are, but I think it might have been more weird to frown...

Evan and Alex enjoying lunch from Heisler's Dairy in PA. Evan used to come here when he was a kid for ice cream. I finally got to taste the famous Guers lemonade, also made around Evan's home town. 

Random totem pole in front of Heisler's. 

View at Heisler's. Now I know why they call them "blue mountains." You can't tell in this picture very well, but in person the mountains in the very back are a deep blue. 

In front of Evan's beloved old home. 

At Evan's elementary school. I was trying to teach Alex to roll down the hill. He didn't get it. 

Alex and his buddy Willie at the DC temple visitor's center. 

At the DC temple

In front of the White House with some Asian tourists

The World War II memorial. 

Stone-faced Alex and crew at the Lincoln Memorial.

At the grave of the unknown soldier. We hoofed it all the way there and made it just in time!

The beautiful view. In just minutes it would be raining like crazy--hard to believe looking at this photo.

Right before the fireworks show. It was such a fun day and we saw so many things! I think we all look a little exhausted here. Except Theo. He slept pretty much all day long. The life of being a baby.

We saw so many things on this trip that we didn't even take pictures of. I do love pictures, but I'm glad that we weren't glued to our cameras this trip and just enjoyed all of our time together. Even though memories are better solidified when you have photos, and I might not remember everything from this trip, I will remember that we had a great time as a family, and we really lived in the moment. 

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