Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

I love Maine. I love, love, love, love Maine. I know that there are pumpkin patches other places in America, but New England is just so beautiful in the fall, the drive out to the pumpkin patch was almost as good as the time we spent there.

I'm crazy about all the colors around here.

Orange pumpkins. Yellow corn. Green grass. Red noses.

We had a really fun day with two of our very good family friends. They have been so welcoming during our stay in Maine and we've loved spending so much time with them over this last year and a half. We're going to be very, very sad to leave! I try not to think about it.

Here are some pictures from our outing!

Dad was a good sport and rode on the tractor train with Alex. He probably could have done this all day. Alex, not Evan. 

Another favorite activity of Alex's was this corn pit. Basically anything that involved tractors was something that Alex was really stoked about, which were a lot of things at this pumpkin patch.

Alex won't kiss his mom, but he will kiss a bunny. 

Shooting the corn husk gun, trying to win some free kettle corn. Theo was not a very good gunman.

Another tractor. Alex was very disappointed that he couldn't turn it on. 

Rubber duck races.

Our trusty guide.

These two just melt my heart. They have such a special relationship.

I had to make sure I got in a picture! Please excuse the bit of spit up on Theo's mouth. Yuck. 

We were in the corn maze for a little longer than this guy could handle. 

We found our way!

Just happy to be alive. 

Swings are the bomb. I don't care how old you are. 

Another tractor.

Another corn pit with more tractors! Could this day get any better?

Theo's finally joining in the fun.

We would later find a whole bum-load of corn in his diaper (pun intended)

The hayride. 

Alex went to each pumpkin, tried to pick it up, couldn't and threw up his hands and said, "higher." In Alex-speak, that means "it's too hard."

How do you get a kid to stop whining for pictures? Tell him there's a plane.

All the kids!

The whole group

Cute little family photo

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Everyday Is Pirate Day

Recently it was pirate day. Which, we don't really recognize formally in this house, but it seems to be something we just do every day. This is how Alex celebrates pirate day:

  • Wear pirate hats. Sometimes multiple pirate hats at a time. 
  • Wave around the Bulgarian flag. I'm sure if we had the Jolly Roger that he would wave that instead, but we just have Bulgaria. 
  • Steal toys from weak, unsuspecting brother.
  • Sometimes push brother over to make him even more defenseless. 

Pirate day is typically only fun for one person. Alex. But pirates rarely care about other people's feelings.