Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Shop Item

I am finally starting to feel back to normal after having my second baby, Theo. I am ready to do more than just survive until nap times and bed times! It is so crazy how a tiny human can just turn your whole world upside down.

But now that Theo has been sleeping through the night for a solid few weeks here, I feel like I have more energy (most days) and a lot more motivation to get stuff done.

So, one of my really good friends just had a baby boy and I'm so excited that our little guys will be close together. I made her a baby afghan and added it to my Etsy shop! Here are some photos of the masterpiece ;)

I seriously love to crochet. It is like therapy to me, and it's so nice to have the energy to get back into it again. I actually have a few more items to add to my shop soon. I just have to take pictures of them and put them up. 

Anyway, if you have a baby shower to go to, hit me up! I'd love to make a personalized item just for you! Or you can always go directly to my Etsy shop with the button on the left or go to this link