Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Minute Curtains

This post title may be a little misleading. These curtains are not something that only take a couple of minutes. In fact, they have taken me way too many baby nap times to finish. I call them last minute curtains because we found out that we are almost 100% moving to Maine (in July!) and I needed to finally finish them before we left the sewing machine forever.

These curtains actually don't take too much time, but I have very little patience with sewing and the ruffles can be a little tedious to do. But I think they turned out great, and I love them and I can't stop looking at them. I glow with pride every time I walk in the room.

If you want the same warm fuzzy feeling that I have, you can check out the tutorial that I followed here, which was pretty great and very easy to follow. They weren't even that expensive since I used coupons and I ended up getting an additional discount on two pieces of fabric because the bolt was already cut. (I would not suggest this. The colors were a little bit different, but you really can't notice now.)

The few things that I would point out after I've done the project is that her "unbleached" muslin looks a heck of a lot whiter than the unbleached ones I saw in the store. I went with an unbleached muslin and it turned out much more creamy colored than white. I thought maybe it was creamy colored because it was all together on the bolt, but I was wrong, and it kind of devastated me at first, but I think it turned out great in the end. 

Another thing is, if you have a ruffler foot for your sewing machine and you know how to use it, PLEASE use it. These curtains would have been done in a day or two if I didn't almost blow my brains out from ruffling all this fabric! It's a lot more than it looks like. 

Also, I used cafe rod clips from Walmart to hang the curtain. I left the tabs open on the ends so I could put it directly on the rod if I didn't like how it looked, but they turned out great. They were so cheap and they slide so nicely. It was a great decision. 

Overall, I'm really proud of myself for this project. I usually get really frustrated and cut lots of corners when I sew, but this time I decided that I would leave every time I got frustrated, and so it ended up actually looking great. It doesn't look exactly like the blog that I followed, but I was kind of going for my own look anyway. 

Even if you're a starter, this is a great project to do. When you're going through school, you can't really afford too many great accent pieces in your home, so this did the trick to add a little attention grabber. If anyone tries it, let me know!


  1. Seriously, those look amazing!

  2. Don't you want to leave them in the house? They are so cool! -Mom