Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paleo Diet Food Storage Ideas

I'm not a religious paleo-dieter. My family tried it out in January with some pretty awesome results. First of all, my husband has a chronic condition, and steering away from grains made him feel pretty awesome. He was the driving force behind giving the whole paleo thing a try.

Second, my oldest, a four-year-old, has had some picky eating issues since he turned one. Since we've been on the paleo diet, he has been far more adventurous at dinner time, and for this reason alone, the paleo diet has made my heart sing.

Third, my youngest, a two-year-old, has some asthma and allergy stuff, and I'm not positive, but I think his symptoms were alleviated while we were paleo.

Well, we kind of still try to be, but we definitely wouldn't fit in with other paleos at the next Paleo Con. Overall, I would say that it has instilled some very good changes and habits in our every day diet, but we do eat dairy and we'll shamelessly have some whole grains sporadically throughout the week. It's usually in the form of granola, because it happens to be a delicacy in my house, along with eating one's weight in yogurt.

However, being my husband's condition as it is, I've thought about what I could do to possibly build up a food storage around that diet. Here's what I've come up with:

And maybe some onions to go with it. Unfortunately, my condo isn't zoned for fowl of any kind. I can't even have a goldfish as far as my landlord is concerned, so we'll just make do with our paleo-friendly options at the grocery store. I will actually include other non-paleo items in my food storage, of course, because my hunter-gatherer instincts are restricted to our local Costco. If I'm short on items that fit my normal diet (if it comes to living off of my food storage), I'm pretty sure I'll be okay with eating just about anything. That being said, I'm not sure many canned or bottled things are technically paleo, but, again, we're talking about possible starvation, so we're bending the rules. Here's my real list, and I'd love to hear any other clever ideas!

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